Sioux Valley Energy Solar Demonstration Project (Brandon, 2015)

Brandon Solar Project


Sioux Valley Energy constructed a solar energy project in April 2015 at its Brandon Service Center. The solar array was energized May 1, 2015. The project was developed to help the Cooperative learn more about the construction, maintenance and energy production of a solar array. 

SVE Solar Project Facts:

  • 24.8 kW (Enough power for two homes)
  • 80 panels on low profile racking
  • Panels face south, southwest and west
  • 19 main support channels- 8 feet long, cemented in a 5 foot hole
  • There are no batteries used in this design
  • Panels placed at 35 degree tilt
  • Built and installed by SVE employees
  • Array installed for approximately $3 per watt
  • Estimated life of array is between 30 and 50 years
  • Power that is produced is put back on to the SVE grid
  • Solar Edge inverter monitoring system

To monitor the energy production of this project log on here: 

SVE Solar Project Energy Output

NOTE: The monitoring equipment is currently down due to construction activity at the Brandon facility.


Community Solar Project (Built in 2023)

Colman Community Solar

SVE has constructed a Community Solar Array along S.D. Highway 34 at its Colman office. The Community Solar Array provided an opportunity for interested Sioux Valley Energy members to experience solar energy without having to worry about the maintenance or land availability issues that can be barriers for some when installing solar on homes or businesses. 

Another benefit of this project was that it offered economies of scale, making it less expensive to build a larger system than what would otherwise be installed on a single residence. Additionally, Sioux Valley Energy was also able to take advantage of a federal direct pay incentive for 30 percent of the array, which was provided upfront, reducing the cost for members.

The array has 140 panels with a total capacity of 60 kW and a maximum output of 50 kW. Members of SVE had the opportunity to purchase the output of one or more panels with a 20-year subscription. The output is credited to the participating member’s bill every month. All panel subscriptions are sold out.

Cooperative employees built the array, which also provided valuable experience as more and more members inquire about home solar arrays. If you are interested in solar or other electric technologies, call SVE’s Beneficial Electrification Department at 800-234-1960.


SVE Community Solar Output