Sioux Valley Energy is an electric cooperative, which means you are a member-owner and as such you can run for the Board of Directors, vote in elections and on proposed bylaw amendments.

Board elections are held during the Co-op's 10 winter district meetings and proposed bylaw amendments are voted on at the annual meeting which is typically held in June. Each year a postcard is sent to all members informing them of the dates for all meetings and election petition deadlines dates and petitions are listed on this website under the district meeting page.  The COVID pandemic may alter district meeting plans.

The SVE bylaws provide specific information on director eligibility and the bylaw amendment process.

Common Questions About Serving on the Board of Directors

The Board meets once a month for regular meetings. These meetings generally last an average of six hours and are held on a weekday during business hours. Directors are sometimes also required to take part in special meetings and other co-op events. In addition, directors put in extra hours of preparation and research each month prior to the Board meeting. In total, our directors estimate they spend between 20-30 hours a month on Sioux Valley Energy business.

Most directors do not have a background in electric utilities. Their careers range from military service to farming to business ownership.

Director education is encouraged, which often requires some regional and national travel. Our directors tell us that while it takes away from being at home with family, they enjoy those educational opportunities because they can talk with other directors from across the country and learn more about best practices.

Directors are compensated for their time through a monthly retainer, meeting stipend and travel reimbursement.

Download the Director Petition, Conflict of Interest Statement and Qualification Certification Statement Here

The nominating petition, along with an executed Conflict of Interest Disclosure statement and an executed Director Qualification Certification form, must be filed by the candidate at the corporate headquarters of the Cooperative or a Sioux Valley Energy Service Center at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the District Meeting. An online petition may be requested by the candidate and will allow electronic signatures to be submitted for the nominating petition. Please call 800-234-1960 if you would like to submit a request for an online petition. Note: Signatures of spouses holding joint membership count as one.

SVE Director Petition

Conflict of Interest Statement and Qualification Certification Statement

Electronic Petition