About Operation Round Up

The circle of giving—you give and you receive. That is the philosophy behind Sioux Valley Energy's Operation Round Up program. Since the year 2000, members and employees have awarded more than $2-Million to worthwhile causes throughout the cooperative's service territory. The concept is easy, participating members agree to have their electric bill rounded up to the next highest dollar and that money is collected for Operation Round Up. Many Sioux Valley Energy employees also help by deducting a small amount from their paychecks. 

Operation Round Up is administered by a non-profit trust, the Sioux Valley Energy Customers' Trust, which was initiated in the fall of 2000. The purpose of the trust is to acquire, accumulate and disburse funds for charitable and educational purposes as permitted by Section 501 (c) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Your community, your school, and/or your nonprofit organization may be eligible for funding. Each quarter, the Board of Directors, volunteer representatives of each county, to review grant applications and make awards based on criteria guidelines of the Trust. Not all proposals are funded, and not all applications are funded at the full funding request.

The region served by the Trust includes the seven-county Sioux Valley Energy service area, as well as adjacent neighborhoods within the outer boundaries of the cooperatives service area. Money must also be spent within these boundaries. The electrical service area includes Rock and Pipestone counties in Minnesota, and Brookings, part of Kingsbury, Lake, Moody, and Minnehaha counties in South Dakota.

The major funding categories of the Sioux Valley Energy Customers' Trust include lending assistance to community service projects, economic development programs, education and youth initiatives, and emergency energy assistance. These funds are also available, should the need arise, to provide disaster relief.

Examples of the types of organizations who have received funding in the past are daycare associations, schools, nursing homes, sports clubs, vocational schools, youth groups, scholarship programs, humanity programs, fire departments, cities, special needs for individuals, and senior dining programs.

The Sioux Valley Energy Customers' Trust Board of Directors meets quarterly in the months of March, June, September, and December. Applications must be received by the 20th of the month preceding the board meeting. For example, in order to be considered at the December meeting, your application must be received no later than November 20th.

If you are a Sioux Valley Energy customer and participate in Operation Round Up, thank you for your generosity. Participation in Operation Round Up is voluntary, but as one Sioux Valley Energy customer explains, the impact is worth every penny.

If you are a customer who currently is not participating in the program but would like to join, just indicate on your next billing that you would like to participate in Operation Round Up, sign up online or call 1-800-234-1960. You too can help make a difference.

Board of Directors

Brenda Volkers

Brookings County

Alvina Harvey



Dan LaRock

Rock County


Greg Benda

Lake County

Joyce DeClerk

Moody County

Connie Hillard

Pipestone County

Jeff Thompson

Minnehaha County


Yes, you can FAX an application to 605-256-1693.

The Operation Round Up program is voluntary. Each new customer is automatically signed up to participate, but any customer who wishes not to participate may notify us in one of the three ways.

  1. Respond by sending us a message on our web site: Click Here
  2. Call our office at 1-800-234-1960, or
  3. Sign and return a form in their "new member" packet


Individuals are eligible to receive up to $2,500/year and groups, organizations, or charities are eligible to receive up to $10,000 annually.

The average member will contribute $6.00/year; the most they can contribute is $11.88/year. These dollars are tax deductible. The total amount you have contributed during the year will be reflected on your December electric bill.

The information was first presented to the Member Advisory Committee for their reaction before it was presented to the Sioux Valley Energy Board of Directors. Focus groups discussed the proposal and recommendations were made for implementation of the program. The Sioux Valley Energy Board of Directors voted to accept the recommendations and proceeded with the program.

Operation Round Up gathers voluntary contributions from participating cooperative members by "rounding up" their monthly bills to the next dollar resulting in an average donation of roughly $6 per year, which is distributed to worthy local causes. Every donation is made to applicants right in our own local area, and nearly all of the contributions go to the needy, not to the administrative costs of running the program. What is most rewarding about the concept of Operation Round Up is that it is an extension of the concept of neighbor helping neighbor that built our electric cooperative.

All applications received by the 20th of the month preceding a Board meeting will be considered at the next Board meeting. The Sioux Valley Energy Customers' Trust Board of Directors meets quarterly in the months of March, June, September, and December. Applications must be received by the 20th of the month preceding the board meeting. For example, in order to be considered at the December meeting, your application must be received no later than November 20th.

Completed applications should be mailed to:

Sioux Valley Energy Customers' Trust
PO Box 216
Colman, SD 57017

Whenever possible, requests for funding should be for projects that will be completed within 12-months following the grant application. Requests for funding for projects that have already been completed will be given less priority.

The Operation Round Up funds are kept in a trust fund and are dispersed as directed by the Operation Round Up board.

Individuals and non-profit organizations within the Sioux Valley Energy service area may apply.

The Operation Round Up is a separate entity with its own board consisting of leaders within the community. The Sioux Valley Energy Board of Directors appoints one director from each of the following counties: Minnehaha, Moody, Lake, Brookings, Rock, Pipestone and the at-large director.

The Operation Round Up program is intended to benefit people and organizations within the Sioux Valley Energy service area. Operation Round Up funds may be used for community service projects, economic development, education and youth programs, environmental projects, emergency energy assistance and disaster relief.

Yes, just contact us at 877-511-8062 and let us know you would like to opt out of the program.

I.    Policy and Purpose - The Sioux Valley Energy Customers’ Trust will be funded by Operation Round-Up® voluntary contributions from members of the Sioux Valley Energy and from other sources of funds available to the Trust. Operation Round-Up® contributions will be used primarily in the local area served by the Cooperative for charitable and educational purposes, including emergency energy assistance.

II.    Major Funding Categories -  Although there are many worthy charitable and educational projects and community needs in our local area, the limited availability of funds requires us to establish funding priority categories as follows, with annual budget allocation ranges for each category:

       A. Community Service 

              1. Programs, projects and organizations that are important components of a community’s overall quality of life, with emphasis on public safety, health care, self-sufficiency, and basic human needs.

              2. Programs and projects that enhance the cultural environment of communities in our local area.

       B. Economic Development 

              1. Programs and projects designed to promote greater economic stability by helping to expand and diversify local economies, with emphasis on business retention and expansion, new business development and tourism.

              2. Programs and projects that encourage cooperation among regional and community economic development organizations.

              3. Community leadership programs designed to improve problem-solving skills and empower people to become self-reliant in identifying solutions to local economic and social problems.

       C. Education and Youth 

              1. School scholarships and other programs and projects with an emphasis on math and science education and cooperative educational programs.

              2. Programs that are designed to combat critical social problems affecting our children and youth, with an emphasis on children and teens at risk.
              3. Programs and projects that promote wellness and encourage youth participation in athletics and physical fitness activities.

       D. Environment 
              1. Programs and projects that promote community recycling and natural resource preservation.

              2. Community-based environmental quality education programs.

              3. Environmentally sensitive agricultural research programs and projects.

       E. Emergency Energy Assistance 

              1. Community Action Programs, Heatshare and other local and statewide fuel funds established by an energy provider, the States of South Dakota and Minnesota or any other entity that collects and distributes money for low-income emergency energy assistance and meets the minimum criteria, including income eligibility criteria, for receiving money from the Federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program and the Program’s Incentive Fund for Leveraging Non-Federal Resources.

              2. Funds distributed under this funding category shall comply with Minnesota Statutes Section 268.371, and South Dakota Statutes Section 1-36-20.

       F. Disaster Relief - Program and projects to provide disaster relief and food, clothing, shelter, medical care, clean-up and repairs and reconstruction in an emergency following an accident, a severe storm or other causes.

III.    Geographic Focus

Contributions will be focused geographically within the area served by the Cooperative and adjacent areas.  Organizations which provide programs and benefits to people who live in this geographic area are eligible for funding consideration, even though the organization is located elsewhere.

IV.    Funding Restrictions

       1. Contributions will generally be made only to non-profit organizations that have been granted tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(C) (3).

       2. Contributions will generally not be made for:

              a. Lobbying, political and religious organizations,

              b. labor organizations;

              c. Fund-raising dinners, raffles and other events;

              d. Individuals (except school scholarships and disaster relief);

              e. Capital fund campaigns;

              f. National fund drives; and

              g. Advertising.

V.    Evaluation Factors - 

       1. The following factors will be considered in the evaluation of all funding requests:

              a. Potential benefit to area residents and the entire community;

              b. Level of community support for the program or project or the organization requesting the funds;

              c. Fiscal and administrative capability of the organization to deliver a quality service or program; and 

              d. Results that are predictable and can be evaluated.

       2. It shall be the responsibility of all Trust Directors to evaluate funding requests and allocate contributions to accomplish the purposes and intent of this policy and these guidelines.

VI.    Project Timing - Whenever possible, requests for funding should be for projects that will be completed within 12 months following the grant application. Requests for funding for projects that have already been completed will be given less priority.

2024 First Quarter Recipients
Entity Town Purpose Areas Served
Abbott House, Inc Mitchell SD funding to purchase bedroom sets for children Brookings, Lake, Minnehaha, & Moody
Ag Women's Day Aurora SD funding to be used for speaker fees Brookings, Lake, Minnehaha, Moody, & Pipestone
Brandon Area Soccer Association Brandon SD funding to enhance the soccer program & provide an adequate facility for the team Minnehaha
Brookings Backpack Project Brookings SD funding to purchase food to distribute weekly to children in food insecure homes Brookings 
Buddies & Co Brandon SD funding for building modifications, equipment, & ongoing expenses Minnehaha
Center of Hope Sioux Falls SD funding to cover costs for bicycle parts, tools, & bicycle locks Minnehaha
Chester Girls Basketball Chester SD  funding to be used for team camps, travel, lodging, & meals Lake
Children's Home Shelter for Family Safety Sioux Falls SD funding to purchase four new rocking chairs Brookings, Lake, Minnehaha, Moody, & Rock
City of Hardwick Hardwick MN funding to install overhead lights Rock & Pipestone
Colman City Pool Colman SD funding for upgrades to the city pool Moody & Lake
Dakota State University Foundation Madison SD funding for a JA-in-a-Day program Lake & Moody
Hills-Beaver Creek Secondary Hills MN   funding for expenses for a Humanity Launch day retreat Minnehaha & Rock
HorsePower Sioux Falls SD funding to provide scholarships to assist underprivileged riders who need help financially Minnehaha
Jasper Community Foundation Jasper MN funding to put a splash pad in the city park Pipestone, Rock, Minnehaha, & Moody
Midwest Street Medicine Sioux Falls SD funding to be used to purchase medications, wound care supplies, vaccines & medical equipment for people living in extreme poverty Minnehaha
National Inventors Hall of Fame, Inc North Canton OH funding for the Camp Invention summer program Minnehaha & Brookings
Pipestone Area Chamber of Commerce Pipestone MN funding to have books given to each child who visits Santa Brookings, Lake, Moody, Minnehaha, Rock, & Pipestone
Pipestone Area Youth Fastpitch Pipestone MN funding for registration costs for tournaments & to purchase three dozen softballs Pipestone & Rock
Scouts BSA Troop 8 Girls Hartford SD funding to purchase new equipment for their troop Minnehaha
Sioux Falls Public Schools Education Foundation Sioux Falls SD funding for the Public Proud Grant Program Minnehahaa
South Dakota FFA Foundation, Inc Bath SD funding to provide FFA jackets to students & leadership retreat scholarships Moody, Lake, Minnehaha, & Brookings
SW MN Blaze Baseball Marshall MN funding to pay for entry fees, coaches fees, uniforms, trading pins, and umpire fees Rock & Pipestone
The Salvation Army Sioux Falls SD funding to be used for the utility assistance program Minnehaha
Tri-Valley-Crooks Elementary School Crooks SD funding to purchase two sets of specific headphones Minnehaha
West Central Education Foundation Hartford SD funding to be used for grant requests for the teachers at West Central School Minnehaha


2023 Fourth Quarter Recipients

Entity Town Purpose Areas Served
A.C.E. SW MN Pipestone County Pipestone Purchase soft hand weights Pipestone County
Brookings County Sheriff's Office Brookings Purchase a new K-9 as well as equipment needed Brookings County
Carroll Institute Sioux Falls Provide education in the classroom for the Project Awareness Program Minnehaha County
Carson's Cause Luverne Purchase a book for each student to improve brain health Pipestone and Rock
Chester Area Middle School Chester Purchase solar power home kits for students Moody, Lake, Minnehaha, and Brookings
Chester Area School Fellowship of Christian Athletes Chester Funding for expenses involved with serving "The Banquet" by student athletes Moody, Lake, Minnehaha, and Brookings
Christ Lutheran Church Daycare Hartford Funding for a new roof

Minnehaha County

Crooks Community Child Care Center Crooks Equipment for the commercial kitchen Minnehaha County
East Dakota Transit, Inc. Madison Funding to provide the general transportation operation Lake County
Flandreau After Prom 2024 Flandreau Funding to provide safe entertainment for the after prom party

Moody County

Generations, Inc. Luverne Purchase a new sewing machine, fabric & batting Pipestone and Rock
Hawks Volleyball Club of Colman Colman Funding for expenses for new and upgrades to current equipment and to replace current jerseys Moody County
Kids Rock! Child Care Center Luverne Purchase FF&E and outdoor playground equipment Rock County
Madison High School Softball Team Madison Purchase softball equipment Lake County
Pipestone Area Band Parents Association Pipestone Funding for expenses for the marching band to attend the Portland Rose Festival parade Pipestone County
Pipestone Area Schools Pipestone Purchase an ID printer, badges, and lanyards for students and staff Pipestone County
Rare by Design Sioux Falls Funding to sponsor The Style Show: A Runway to Empower 2024! Minnehaha County
South Dakota Freedom Hunts, Inc. Flandreau Funding to cover costs of a hunting event for special hunters All South Dakota counties
St. Mary Catholic Schools Dell Rapids Purchase new teacher desks for the staff Minnehaha and Moody
Sunset Harbor Homeowners Association Madison Funding to reimburse Sunset Harbor Association for the purchase of an AED Lake County
Washington Pavilion Management, Inc. Sioux Falls Funding to elevate DAPA's offerings during its current season and offset some recent unforeseen expenses All Counties
West Central Music Association Hartford Purchase six stage lights Minnehaha County
Sioux Valley Energy Colman Scholarships Brookings, Kingsbury, Lake, Minnehaha, Moody, Pipestone, and Rock

2023 Third Quarter Recipients

Entity Town Purpose Areas Served
Catholic Community Foundation Sioux Falls Purchase gifts for children that attend the Christmas at the Cathedral Minnehaha County
City of Pipestone Lights at the Lodge Pipestone expand the Lights at the Lodge event Pipestone County
Crooks Veterans Park Crooks Purchase flagpoles and services stones for the new Crooks Veterans Park Minnehaha County
Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons Sioux Falls Sponsor for the BIG event Brookings, Lake, Minnehaha, Moody and Rock
Health Connect of South Dakota Sioux Falls Support health screenings, flu shot doses, and public health education All South Dakota counties
Inter-Lakes Community Action Partnership Madison Support the operational expenses of the Encore Family Store All South Dakota counties
Madison High School Track and Field Madison Update the pole vault equipment Lake
Palisades State Park Garretson Add more ADA structures to playground All counties
Rock Ranch Hills Parking lot paving for the facility Brookings, Lake, Minnehaha, Pipestone and Rock
South Dakota Renegades 18U McDougall Sioux Falls Tournament fees for PGF Nationals in California

Lake and Minnehaha

SWWC Foundation for Innovation in Education Marshall Registration and participation fees for students to attend three conferences Pipestone and Rock
The Gathering Madison Assist serving groups with expenses to serve The Gathering Lake
TSC Fire (Tiger Softball Club) Tea Equipment and uniforms for 14U softball team Lake, Minnehaha, and Moody
Sioux Valley Energy Colman Scholarships Brookings, Kingsbury, Lake, Minnehaha, Moody, Pipestone, and Rock

Apply for Funding

To apply for a grant, fill out the application form. After completing the application (found in the link below), attach the supporting documentation and mail to:

Sioux Valley Energy
PO Box 216
Colman, South Dakota 57017

You can also email the fillable application and materials to lori.george@siouxvalleyenergy.com.


Opt Out

Members that do not want to participate in Operation Round Up can fill out this form.