Inside the Grid

Widespread extreme cold temperatures led to historic levels of energy demand on the U.S. power grid this week resulting in unplanned power outages for thousands throughout the central portion of the country, including approximately 7,000 Sioux Valley Energy members. As you can imagine, Sioux Valley Energy has gotten a lot of questions about the outages.  In an effort to answer some of those questions and explain in greater detail what happened, Sioux Valley Energy’s Jay Buchholz sat down with Sioux Valley Energy CEO/GM, Tim McCarthy and East River Electric CEO/GM, Tom Boyko to discuss the week’s events.  East River Electric is one of Sioux Valley Energy’s power suppliers.  The podcast does run about 16 minutes but it provides a thorough overview of this week’s unplanned power outages that occurred throughout the entire central section of the United States.  You can listen here: 

Sioux Valley Energy Inside the Grid Podcast