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Load Management/Demand Response

Load management refers to the control of various customer electric loads during times of peak usage on the electric system.  During times of peak electric usage, load management helps shift the load peak to times when customers are not using as much electricity by controlling equipment such as, water heaters and air conditioning.  By managing these loads, the cooperative is able to reduce the potential costs of wholesale power purchases which saves money and resources.

What is controlled under load management? 

When is load control initiated?

Load Control is initiated whenever it is deemed necessary by our power suppliers – East River Electric in South Dakota and L&O Power in Minnesota. Most Load Control is initiated during times of temperature extremes, mainly in the afternoons and evenings during high temperatures in the summer months and mornings and evenings during low temperatures in the winter months. However load control is used every month of the year to some degree to help keep your energy costs as low as possible.

How do I know if I'm being controlled?

South Dakota members can log on to the East River website at Click on the load management tab, click on current status and you'll be able to see what loads are being controlled.  If you would like to know which group you are in please contact Sioux Valley Energy’s wiring department at 800-234-1960.

Minnesota members may contact the dispatch center at 800-234-1960 to check on their control status.

What advantages are offered to members for utilizing load management?

Load management saves member-owners over $1-million dollars in power supply costs each year by shifting electrical loads to off-peak time periods.  Members can save through program incentives, special rates, and bill credits in having equipment connected to the load management program.

Who installs the load management equipment?

Qualified Sioux Valley Energy electricians install load control receiver equipment and associated wiring.

What will it cost me to install load management equipment?

There is no charge to install or remove load management equipment from your home or business.

What if I decide I no longer want my equipment controlled?

To continue to receive incentive program benefits, members must keep their equipment on the load management program.  Load control equipment for air conditioners, irrigation and grain dryers can be removed anytime at the request of a member.  Load control equipment connected to water heaters as part of the incentive program must adhere to the term agreement listed on the application form.

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