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Billing FAQs

When is my bill due?

Bills are due upon receipt and are considered delinquent after the due date. Any balance unpaid ten days after the due date will be charged a late of $5.00 or 1.50% of the past due amount, whichever is greater, per service. Accounts unpaid at the time the next month's bill is printed will receive a reminder notice as part of the bill. Accounts unpaid ten days after the reminder notice is mailed will be sent a notice of disconnect.

What is the non-payment disconnect policy?

A $25.00 fee is charged if it is necessary to make a collection trip and an additional $25.00 fee to reconnect during business hours. If the reconnect is done after business hours, a $125.00 reconnect fee is charged. A deposit equal to two months' bills can be required if it is necessary to make a collection trip twice in a 12 month period or if an account is disconnected for nonpayment.

Do you assess charges for returned payments?

If a payment item is refused by your financial institution, $30.00 will be charged to defray the cost of handling. A letter of notification will be sent to you regarding the returned item. The notification letter will include a due date within seven to ten days to make payment in cash, credit card or by money order for the full balance on the account. In addition to the account balance, a security deposit may be requested. The returned payment and charges are considered delinquent and subject to the disconnection policies. If two or more checks are refused within a 12 month period, the account will be on cash terms only.

What is a basic service?

Sioux Valley Energy implemented a new rate design in 2007 which included a basic service. Prior to that time, the cost of facilities and maintenance of your electrical equipment was embedded in the energy charge.  While that method did recover the cooperative's required revenue, it was not the most fair or balanced method.  Every wire, cable, transformer and electrical switch costs money.  This equipment is necessary so you can have the power you need at your home or business.  That equipment has to be there regardless of how much or how little you use it, so electricity is available when you turn on a light or start a load of laundry.  The basic service applies to all active and disconnected services. 

What are the rate tariffs?

Please review the complete rate schedule for all rate classes.

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